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I would like to confirm, with a little visual evidence, that today witnessed the final stage in the progress of Whatfied in becoming a SSSV (yes, a Superior Suffolk SID Village).

Shocked local motorists from Hadleigh are now witnessing their own village entry speed, with a green or red background. The effect this morning was quite dramatic. Let’s hope green dominates in the future.

Whatfield Community Council News


Thanks to everyone who contributed to, helped at or attended the Buffet and

Quiz on Saturday 7 th October. The array of food on display was impressive and

was as tasty as it looked. Very little was left, which is always a good sign. Lynn had

devised a fiendishly difficult quiz and Marilyn’s picture quiz of well-known board

games was also surprisingly tricky. Both kept us happily occupied as we ate and

drank and it was great to see the children enjoying their own quiz. Including the

money made by the Raffle, we made a profit of over £500, some of which will go

towards the much –needed new ‘kissing gate’ at the Church.

Our next event is the Over 60s Xmas Meal on Sunday 10 th December at the

Village Hall. If you are new to the village or have not attended before please let

Christina know you would like an invitation on 01473 399215. If you attended or

declined your invitation last year you will automatically be invited this year.

We are always looking for new members of the Council to help at events like

these so do get in touch on the number above if you are interested. Our next

meeting is on Wednesday 8 th November, 7.00 pm at the Village Hall and all are


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Suffolk Cruse Bereavement Care

We are a charity set up to help bereaved people to understand their grief and cope with their loss. We provide information, one to

one support and offer advice, education and training services. We also have a specialist Children & Young People Team. If you would like to volunteer

to support bereaved people, help on our Area Committee or with publicity and fundraising please

contact us.

For help or information please telephone your local Branch:

Ipswich 01473 230888 North Suffolk & Great Yarmouth 01502 722234

Suffolk Coastal 01394 670770 West Suffolk 01284 767674

Further information can be found at www.cruse.org.uk, www.suffolkcruse.co.uk or email


“I felt my counselling with my volunteer was very helpful indeed, at a time when I felt isolated

and at times desperate”.

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Allotments Available in Whatfield


As from 19th October there will be several full plots and one half plot available for rent.

Prices are:

Full plot is £15.00 for residents of the Village and £20 for non-residents per annum

Half Plot is £7.50 for residents of the Village and £10.00 for non-residents per annum

For more information or agreement/contract

Please contact Lynn King on 01473809399

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Calling all Villagers in Whatfield!

Villagers of Whatfield, both new and established, may not be aware of the many opportunities to get involved in the life of the village and play a rewarding role in our community.

 We urgently need volunteers to join our village committees so that we can continue to organise events and maintain the smooth running of the Village Hall.

Would you be willing to give up some of your time and help us in any of the following ways?

  • The Community Council needs more members in order to run fund-raising events, such as the recent very successful ‘Violet’s Time for Tea’ and the Summer Fete. The Council meets once every 2 months at the Village Hall.


  • The Village Hall Management Committee, which ensures the smooth running of the Village Hall and also meets once every 2 months , would also welcome more members

If you feel you can help in any way please contact Chris Dray, Secretary of the Community Council, on 01473 399215 or Bobbie Smith, Chairman of the Management Committee, on 01473 824090

We look forward to hearing from you!





In 1983 when the Church decided to sell off some of its Glebe land including Buckles meadow a well attended meeting of villagers decided they wanted to preserve the land which had always been a meadow and never ploughed. £4500 was raised and together with a grant from Babergh  the meadow was purchased and work was started on conserving the plants.

The first large oak in the meadow was planted by Stan Thorpe from an acorn from the great oak in oak meadow. This was planted in about 1989 in memory of Ashley Fairweather who died tragically young.

The meadow is now a county wild life site and is protected.

The sale included the land known as the drift. This land was cleared by volunteers and a selection of native trees was planted by Richard Mower who also created the walkway. The wild flower area is looked after by Joy Green.

In 1998 Miss Vale purchased Hunty's meadow in memory of her sister Edith and Rupert Martin who had worked it as a small holding. Two seats are dedicated to their memory It was fenced by Bill and Ronnie Gant.

This meadow has been maintained by Richard and a series of old fruit trees has been planted in memory of various villagers. This whole area has given pleasure to many people as well as being a valuable contribution to the environment and wildlife.

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